Scott Langmack

After making an angel investment in Lending Club in 2008, Scott worked daily in the LC office with the founding team to help drive fund analytics, investor acquisition, and define investing best practices. After creating his core principles for successful investing, Scott was asked to do a series of webinars for prospective Lending Club investors, which were seen by tens of thousands of people including Peter Renton, the founder of LendAcademy (listen to Peter Renton’s recent podcast with Scott).


Based on the success of the webinars, Lending Club encouraged Scott to start a fund to get institutional money on the platform, as there was no such vehicle at the time. The Incline Fund was launched before Lending Club’s own fund, LCAdvisors. Prior to Incline Scott was a CEO in the technology recruiting industry, and is the author of the book Fast Track To Your Ideal Job (available on Amazon). His expertise in the employment industry gives him a unique advantage in creating a recession-resistant fund profile, as unemployment is the number one driver of defaults.


Scott has also been an executive with Microsoft and PepsiCo, overseeing multi-billion dollar businesses, as well as having worked with companies backed by Kleiner Perkins and Benchmark Capital. He is also currently on the Board of SinoLending/Dianrong, a leading online marketplace lender in China.