Perry Rahbar

Perry Rahbar is founder and CEO of dv01, the reporting and analytics platform that offers institutional investors transparency and insight into consumer lending markets. He founded dv01 to solve the challenges he encountered during his decade-long career trading mortgage bonds at Bear Stearns (Managing Director, MBS trading) and J.P. Morgan (Executive Director, Co-Head of CMBS trading).

To date, dv01 provides reporting and analytics on $55 billion of marketplace loans, representing >90% of the market. By offering unrivaled data transparency and integrity, dv01 aims to simplify all aspects of loan and bond investment, expanding from marketplace portfolio management and securitization to the $12 trillion consumer and mortgage lending markets.

Perry attended Emory University and majored in economics and political science. His team bridges Wall Street and Silicon Valley, fusing an insider’s understanding of incumbent financial processes with an uncompromising focus on technology.