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Uncovering the hidden treasure of U.S. Marketplace lending assets 




Uncovering the hidden treasure of U.S. Marketplace lending assets is a new forum where leading global Fintech CEOs will lead provocative and engaging discussions with leaders from business, academia, and government about the ongoing evolution of Fintech in Asia Pacific. Sessions will showcase the tremendous potential of these cutting-edge technologies and evolving business opportunities.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn how advanced techniques in risk management are deployed to generate better quality assets.
  • Understand how technology is increasing efficiency in the lending industry.
  • Learn from regulators and compliance experts about proper governance and monitoring.

The rise of marketplace lending in the U.S. has created a unique investment opportunity for institutional and professional investors.

U.S. consumer assets, such as credit card balance transfers, have a long track record of delivering strong returns, even during economic downturns. Some of the biggest names in investing, including Soros, Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, actively invest in this asset class.

In Asia Pacific, however, many institutional investors are still not familiar with consumer-lending assets being an emerging asset class.  FINTalks will dispel the myths and present the considerations of top institutions when getting involved with the asset class.

FINTalks will travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. CEOs will be joined by speakers from an independent rating agency, local regulators and academics, banking experts and leaders in data analytics.

These Fintech leaders will compare and contrast their experiences and strategies, comment on the latest market trends and innovations, and explore how the dynamic investment opportunities within Fintech can be leveraged.

Learn more about Marketplace lending

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